Negative Ion Basics

Ions are electrically charged natural particles in the air, formed by the gain or loss of one or more electrons, as cations (positive ions), which are created by electron loss, or as anions (negative ions), which are created by electron gain. Negative Ions can be generated by lightning, ocean surf and waterfalls, or even by rubbing two different materials against each other due to the fact that some materials tend to gain electrons from things they come in contact with. Negative ions are abundant in mountains and forests, since all plants give off some ions.

Health benefits of negative ions:
  • Life-giving oxygen molecules are negatively ionized
  • People surrounded by negative ions show a pattern of brainwaves that suggest increased alertness and relaxation
  • Negative Ions relax persons in severe pain.
  • Negative ions could destroy and extract from the air certain types of bacteria that cause cold, influenza, and respiratory infections
  • High concentration of negative ions make air refreshing to breath in. (Such high concentratin can be found in the mountains, near waterfalls and seashores.)

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