Negative Ions FAQ

Q. What Is Negative Ion?
A. Negative Ion is an atomic or molecular system with an excess of negative charge due to the capture of additional electrons. Negative Ions are also called anions.

Q. What Are The Advantages of Negative Ions For Human Body?
A. The main advantages of negative ions for human body include cleansing of the blood, enhancement of the immune system, activation of cells, and adjustment of the autonomous nervous system. The interaction between negative ion and human body is part of science of electromedicine, or electromagnetic healing, or bioelectromagnetic healing.

Q. How Do Negative Ions Help To Fight Infection?
A. When negative ions have effects on the body, the potassium and magnesium in the blood will transfer into cells. Potassium contains a substance which can alleviate pain in cells, help fight infection, and promote wound recovery.

Q. What Is Negative Ion Fiber?
A. The raw material of Negative Ion fiber is chloridated polyethylene synthesized by advanced-technological methods. Negative Ion fiber has many great properties such as effect of negative ions, incubations, permeation, and fire retardant quality.

Q. Is there any age restriction in using Negative Ion Clothing?
A. Negative Ion Clothing is made with extremely refined fibers. There are no age restrictions in its use. It is recommended for pregnant women, since it contributes to a healthier infant's growth. Also it is most beneficial for the elders since the Teviron's fibers help improve the aging symptoms and help maintain health conditions.

Q. Why Negative Ion Clothing Can Improve Human Body Health?
A. Biological cells are basic elements to build up human body. When these cells contact with negative ions, cell activate, human body's metabolism will strengthen, circulation will increase.

Q. I Have Foot Sprain and Joint Swelling, Can Negative Ion Clothing Cure Them?
A. Negative Ion Clothing can reduce or alleviate swelling and pain, and improve recovery time. But if the sprain involves injury to the ligaments or bone, it may be necessary to seek medical treatment.

Q. Can Negative Ion Clothing Improve My Sleep Quality?
A. The sleep is controlled by parasympathetic nerves of the autonomic nervous system. When the parasympathetic nerve works normally, it can make the body rest, thus the sleep quality will improve naturally.
Negative ions produced by negative ion fiber can make the parasympathetic nerve work normally, therefore using negative ion clothing and pajamas may improve your sleep quality.

Q. Is Netagive Ion Clothing Suitable For All Ages?
A. Negative Ion Clothing is a very good fiber that is suitable for every age group. The negative ion clothing is safe, beneficial and help all ages to attain good health. You can buy for your loved one, friends as holiday gift, anniversary gift, birthday gift, unique christmas gift.

Q. My Friend uses Negative Clothing, But There Are No "Improvement Reactions", Why?
A. Two situation might exist: firstly if there is no illness or abnormality, and the other is that negative ion reactions could be subtle and to be hardly noticed. Everyone has different physical conditions, lifestyles, and adaptive capacities. The negative clothing has different effects for each individual.

Q. Can Negative Ion Clothing Be Washed In A Washing Machine?
A. Here are some suggestions to wash negative ion clothing:
  • Put the negative clothing in a net bag and then put it into a washing machine
  • Use the delicate setting on your washing machine.
  • Use a delicate rinse cycle, limit the time to 1-2 minutes

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